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Welcome to the CHURCH & CHRISTIAN BUSINESS GUIDE, A Lighthouse to America. This is perhaps the most advanced publishing system in the world today; to help you find a church, ministry or business.

You are invited to browse the Digital Editions of CHURCH GUIDE, which have been prepared to broadcast our Guide’s content nationwide. The Digital Editions of our Guide compliment the Printed Editions, which are distributed in churches, businesses, chambers of commerce, libraries, and more locations. Our mission and purpose is to provide you with vital and interesting information about local churches, ministries, and Christian businesses and professionals in the communities that we serve. We hope to make it easier for you and your family to make good selections of churches, schools, ministries and businesses. When you visit a church or business, please let the Minister or Manager know that you are visiting because you saw their advertisement in the CHURCH GUIDE.

Our company has been publishing the CHURCH & CHRISTIAN BUSINESS GUIDE for more than twenty five years, from its headquarters in Denver, CO. For the first twenty years of that period we published only Printed Editions. Then beginning over five years ago we began to publish Digital and Printed Editions simultaneously. To date we have published over fifty printed issues and have distributed more than several million printed Guides. In 1997 we started to develop a major website, www.churchguide.com, and began to assist families in Colorado and elsewhere to search for churches, ministries and businesses online.

When we added the Digital Editions our publishing technology advanced in a dramatic way; our Guide distribution expanded nationwide with the availability of high-speed Internet. In the Denver Metro and surrounding areas our Digital Editions can now be accessed in over 97% of the entire community. Our online Guides can be updated and expanded monthly. Search tools that are available in our Digital Editions make it possible to find churches with specific ministries, by denomination, city or zip code location, and more. Businesses can be found online by type of service and products. We recently added a SEARCHABLE CHURCH AND MINISTRY LISTINGS section in our Digital Guides; now you can locate churches and ministries in our area from anywhere in the country. All email and website addresses in advertising pages are activated for clients.

When you click on the miniature Front Cover of the Digital Edition in the left column, our entire 96-page Guide will load onto your desktop or laptop computer in about 10 seconds, on high-speed Internet connections. After the Digital Guide has loaded onto your computer, you can then use the tool bar at the top of the page to LOCATE, DOWNLOAD, PRINT, and UPDATE ad copy and articles. All content in the Guide is indexed extensively in TABLES OF CONTENTS found on pages 10, 11 and 12. When you click on entries in the TABLE OF CONTENTS, then the Guide will open to the page you selected. For more detailed instructions concerning How to LOCATE, DOWNLOAD, PRINT, and UPDATE ad copy and articles from any page(s) in the Guide, click on the “Search” button on the Home Page and you can then print the full page of instructions found on that page (in pdf format) for help in navigating the Guide.

Our multimedia company has utilized print media, the new digital media, and direct mail to impact virtually all of the population of the Denver Metro Area and surrounding communities. Each year about 75,000 families buy new homes in the area. Our company helps churches, ministries and businesses to reach these new families through direct mail and direct contact. Home buyer name and address files can be used to build up church home prayer groups and congregations. Since the Denver Public Library system has many computer terminals available to the public in their libraries, almost everyone now has access to our Digital Guides.

The Guide Publisher is a trained civil engineer, was an officer in the U S Marine Corps, has an MBA from The Graduate School of Business, Stanford University, was a Lecturer in the College of Business at the University of Hawaii, was a Graduate Assistant in teaching the Dale Carnegie Courses, and has been involved in Management Consulting work for the past four decades. He has been a Bible Teacher on Christian Radio and Television for more than three decades. Thus he provides our company’s clients with Bible–based critical management consulting support as appropriate. He’s been involved in many ministries for three decades.

John L. Witwer,
Publisher & President Denver Church Guide Services, Inc.
P.O. Box 39206,
Denver, Colorado 80239-0206
Call: (303) 373-9977 … Email: jwitwer@aol.com

PS: “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11 NIV).”

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