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About Church & Christian Business Guide®

Who we are ...
Church & Christian Business Guide is a publication of Denver Church Guide Services, Inc. based in Denver, Colorado. Since 1986, we have published and circulated a magazine that serves as a guide for those seeking a Church, a Christian business, a Christian ministry, or a Christian professional in Colorado.

In 1997, we added a powerful website to our publications arsenal to enhance our ability to provide services to people living in, moving to, or visiting Colorado who are seeking a church where they can worship and participate in church life. That website also includes many business, ministry, and professional clients.

Beginning in 2006, we have expanded our publications throughout the USA. Our website now lists churches in all 50 states. We continue to invite churches, Christian businesses, ministries, or professionals in all states to join our website. When people look for services in Church & Christian Business Guide it benefits everyone. 

Join our listings ...
To enroll your church in the online listings of Church & Christian Business Guide at ChurchGuide.Com, use our Enrollment Form. To get more than the basic listing, checkout our three levels of Internet Service and choose the best on for you.

Become a partner ...
We are looking for qualified people to partner with us in our vision. If you are interested in becoming a Church & Christian Business Guide partner and publishing associate, then please click here for more information.

Our history ...
This project plan considered the needs of churches to reach out to a real world with Christian solutions related to the needs of people. Hence, we have a highly sophisticated way for our readers to view (in real time) the results of searching our database and to receive personalized information by way of the Information Request Form.

Purpose of this site
For your convenience, this web site marries dynamic data with dynamic html and is compatible with most web browsers of at least version 4 vintage. This site is targeted toward people living in, moving to, or visiting the USA who are seeking a church where they can worship and participate in church life. 

It includes:
1. Types of churches ( by denomination or affiliation )
2. Name and location information about each church
3. Pastor's name and ways to communicate with him.
4. Service times and weekly meetings.
5. Ministries ( counseling, child care, day school, etc. )
6. Activities and Events on calendar ( if available)
7. Church web site / e-mail address ( if available)
8. And full customer support from ChurchGuide.Com

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