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Church & Christian Business Guide Services

Advertising and Search Listing Services

  • For more information about advertising with us download our Media Kit
  • ChurchGuide.Com welcomes all paid advertising clients (Churches, Christian businesses, ministries, and professionals) to announce Christian events on this page of our web site. When the client has been properly set up in an advertising contract and is currently paid up, then we will provide a simple procedures statement showing client staff personnel how to set up new events online at ChurchGuide.Com at any time.
  • All Christian Events must be posted in a manner consistent with biblical standards of decency and accuracy, and the final authority to carry an event listing rests with ChurchGuide.Com.
  • Additional advertising space, beyond the basic listing, (i.e.- including special events, support groups, counseling services, child care, schools, photos of staff and facilities, detailed program listings, and more) is available for a small monthly fee, as low as $20.00/month, for a term of one year, plus a small one-time set up fee (which is normally one additional monthly fee the first year).
  • ChurchGuide.com makes space available for basic listings at no charge to all Christian churches only. This is done to make it possible for newcomer families to find a Christian church of their choice. If there is a new church plant or if we have missed a Christian church, then a pastor, administrator, or secretary should complete the Enrollment Form and submit it. The records can be reviewed and proofed online.
  • All clients (including Churches, Christian businesses, ministries, and professionals) must enter into a one-year contract at one of the two levels of Internet services that are offered by ChurchGuide.com.
  • Level 1 Internet Service for $20.00/month allows the client firm to update its basic record at any time and to broadcast special events on our high-traffic web site. This level of service also allows for the creation and display of a full-page, full color ad on the web site for the full term of the contract.
  • Level 2 Internet Service for $30.00/month allows for providing the level 1 service plus the creation and servicing of as much as a twelve-page web site, using the templates contained in our web-authoring system. The client does not need to know HTML programming to be successful in using the simple web-authoring system.
  • If a new prospect in Colorado or anywhere else in the USA wants to get into one of the two levels of Internet-only services listed above, an Enrollment Form should be completed and an e-mail message requesting the service should be forwarded to the Publisher.
  • These policies and prices are subject to change as the services on our web site mature and increase. However, once a client contract is initiated their fees are set for the duration of their contract even if the services expand as they are very likely to do.